Exclusive Private Invitation Webinar

A Brand New 30 Minute Formula For Automated Sales And Success

Exclusive Private Invitation Webinar

A Brand New 30 Minute Formula For Automated Sales And Success

When it comes to marketing online, whether it's through an effective web site, or a great blog packed full of helpful articles and posts, getting interested viewers to your information can be hard work.

The Advertising Resources below will help in finding sites to connect with your audience, build teams around your field, and advertise your products.

Directory of Ezines

 The Directory of Ezines, or the "DOE" as it is commonly know as, is an online marketing resource owned  by Charlie Page.

The main focus of the DOE is Solo Ads, however the DOE offers other types of advertising such as  banner advertising and classified ads. The DOE is a great advertising tool that offers training, bonuses, and even offers pre-written and custom written solo ads.


Facebook is currently the largest and quite possibly the most powerful social platform on the internet. With over 750 million daily users it is hard to over look the marketing potential that Facebook can supply.

Facebook Fan Pages are the way to go.  Facebook Fan Pages offer a Free platform to promote yourself and your product to a huge responsive audience.


Twitter is a free platform that offers the ability to blast your message, in 140 words or less, to a very large hungry and receptive audience.

Use Twitter to promote your website, products, or services.  Tweeting helpful, useful, informative and interesting information will help build trust with your readers and potential customers.

Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm is the most popular Traffic Exchange on the internet. While traffic exchange is not the most potent marketing tool, I felt it deserved mention as it is free to use and is quite easy.

Most of us starting out do not have the budget for big advertising, Traffic swarm solves this dilemma by allowing  you to reach a large targeted audience by simply creating free ads for others to view, and by viewing ads created by others.


Tripleclicks is one of the fastest growing sites on the web. Plug in for FREE and SELL more! Reach millions of potential customers with over 100,000 affiliates ready to promote your products.

Tripleclicks offers a free customized website, with no listing fees and no risk. If you sell products or services online then Tripleclicks is your source for getting your product to market.